I'm the 2nd Lead Vocalist of the group
Isaiah From Wash, D.C. I like to make gifs. Beysus and Godhan are my mothers. I have a lot of Spirit Animals (People that inspire me or just plain crazy). 1k+ 5K+ 10K+


If I am not on your favorites page you have no taste.



Anonymous asked: One of the girls from 702, and LaTavia from Destiny's Child I think


Anonymous asked: y'all hoes can stay mad at iggy, she be getting paid!!!!! hahahahaha

Again, I don’t know who that is…

Anonymous asked: Iggy new ablum is out and it's the shit where ms banks album at honey?

I don’t know who those people are…

Dear, Azealia Banks I will release this letter to you at 3 a.m. EST and hopefully BWET is released. If not, I can no longer attach my soul to your being. I’ve rode with you since the two long braids and the Mickey Mouse shirt. I was bumping “Fuck Up The Fun” and “Hood Bitch” when people were still learning “212”. This is my letter of departure. I will no longer stan for you. This is like the hardest decision I have ever made in my life. I literally wanted to talk like you, get 20+ inch closures, and some platform boots. I ask the question of “why bitch, just why?” You were “runnin’ but you ain’t goin’ nowhere”. Why do this to yourself? Hopefully by 3 a.m. we’ll still be friends in my head and I can pull my hair back into a ponytail and listen to your music.

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