Isaiah From Wash, D.C. I like to make gifs. Beysus and Godhan are my mothers. I have a lot of Spirit Animals (People that inspire me or just plain crazy). 1k+ 5K+ 10K+


Nicki Minaj walking her two bitches Lil Kim and Iggy Azalea

gaga did it first


me when my friends won’t stop taking selfies

LOL, I stand just like Kim in this gif..

I believe she’s doing this shit on purpose….

Literally almost couldn’t contain myself on the train today. This dude gets on the train with sweatpants (a boy’s worst enemy). At first I’m like “okay those are cute, from Nike, etc…” Then he turns around and when I tell you that he had an ass that was so fat, I literally almost hopped out of my seat and jumped for joy. He was listening to his headphones and you know how niggas do. Act like they doing a performance at a concert while they listening to their headphones. So, he keeps turning and moving and all of a sudden his print shows up! I was “dammmmmnnnn” and you could see it all over my face. This lady was staring at me too while I politely rolled my eyes at her. I was like Brenda at the movie theatre.

Anonymous asked:come get on this dick, moe

This sounds like something a soufeast dc nigga would say…I love all southeast niggas.

Remember when the only people who were into to nail art were Asian, Black, and Latina women and we were all considered tacky ghetto bitches and now that white girls rock nail art it’s now actually considered an ART FORM? Remember that?